Hawker Private Jets: Your Complete Guide


The Hawker Private Jets are the most luxurious and spacious private jets available. They have a sleek design, with an interior that is both functional and comfortable.

The Hawker 900XP, 900XP Corporate Jet and 800XP are all equipped with state-of-the-art avionics systems, making them ideal for long-range flights.

These planes also come equipped with large windows that provide passengers with stunning views of their surroundings during flight!

If you’re looking for something more compact than these larger aircrafts but still want all of their benefits then check out our smaller fleet consisting of four different models: Hawker 400XP (4 seats), 600XT (6 seats), 700XR (7 seats) or 800XR (8 seats).


Technology of Hawker private jets :

The Hawker 1000, 900XP, 900, 850, and 800XP are equipped with state-of-the-art avionics and navigation systems. These include:

Advanced Flight Management Computer (AFMC)
Dual Global Positioning System (GPS) receivers
Digital Terrain & Obstacle Database with SafeTaxi® technology
Electronic flight instrumentation system (EFIS)
Enhanced Vision System (EVS) with Synthetic Vision Technology (SVT).


Cockpit Design of Hawker private jets :

The Hawker 1000, 900XP, 900, 850 and 800XP private jets have a flight deck design that maximizes space for the pilot and co-pilot to operate efficiently.

The cockpit is designed with ergonomic considerations in mind so that both pilots can easily reach all controls without having to move around too much during flight operations.

The Hawker 1000 has two seats on either side of the center console where you’ll find an array of instruments and controls for managing your aircraft’s systems during flight time.

This includes things like autopilot settings as well as engine management systems such as fuel flow rates or throttle positions that allow you greater control over how your aircraft performs while airborne (or on land).


Exterior Design of Hawker private jets :

The Hawker 1000, 900XP, 900, 850 and 800XP private jets are all designed with the same sleek exterior that’s easy to recognize. The overall aerodynamic design of these aircraft helps them fly smoothly through the air while reducing drag and improving fuel efficiency.

The exterior of each model has been meticulously crafted by Hawker Beechcraft engineers to create an elegant yet powerful image that will make your passengers feel like they’re flying on a luxury yacht rather than an airplane!



Cabin Design of Hawker private jets:

The Hawker 1000, 900XP, 900 and 850 all have a cabin that can be configured to seat between eight and nine passengers. The 800XP has a larger interior that can hold up to 10 passengers.

The Hawker 1000 has an overall length of 31 feet 6 inches and wingspan of 38 feet 6 inches; it weighs 8,500 pounds empty with full fuel tanks on board.

The cabin design features leather seats with adjustable headrests, air conditioning controls, overhead storage compartments for personal items such as purses or laptops, windows that open for fresh air ventilation during flight (if desired), seat belts for safety purposes during takeoff/landing phases, televisions mounted in front of each passenger seat so you don’t get bored during your flight!


Acquisition Cost :

The acquisition cost of a Hawker jet is determined by the model you choose, its age and condition, as well as its interior configuration.

The most expensive Hawker 1000XP private jets have been known to sell for over $20 million.
The following factors affect the price of your new Hawker:

Age :

When it comes to aircraft, older isn’t always better! In fact, many people prefer newer models because they are more spacious and comfortable than older ones–and they also come with more advanced technology like WiFi connectivity or touchscreen entertainment systems.

Condition :

If you’re buying from an owner who has kept their plane in great shape over time (and has all necessary maintenance records), then this will save you money on repairs down the line since there won’t be any hidden costs associated with fixing things like worn tires or cracked windshields after purchasing them from someone else who hasn’t taken care of their airplane properly over time.”


Fixed Costs :

Fixed costs are the expenses that you must pay every month to keep your jet in the air. These include:

  • Insurance
  • Hangar fees
  • Maintenance costs


Direct Operating Costs:

The direct operating costs of a Hawker jet are based on hourly rates. These rates include fuel, maintenance and crew costs. While these numbers can vary widely depending on your specific aircraft, they’re good to know so you can budget accordingly.


Fuel :

The cost of fuel varies widely depending on where you fly and how much you burn per hour (which is dependent upon factors like speed).

In general, though, expect to pay about $1 per gallon for premium unleaded gasoline or $1.50 per gallon for jet fuel–and those figures could be even higher in certain parts of the world!



FAQs of Hawker private jets :


1.) What is the range of the Hawker private jets?
Answer: The range of Hawker private jets varies by model, but the Hawker 1000 has a range of up to 3,500 nautical miles, while the Hawker 900XP has a range of up to 2,900 nautical miles.

2.) How fast can the Hawker private jets fly?
Answer: The cruising speed of Hawker private jets varies by model, but the Hawker 1000 has a cruising speed of up to 514 mph, while the Hawker 900XP has a cruising speed of up to 466 mph.

3.) What is the maximum altitude of the Hawker private jets?
Answer: The maximum altitude of Hawker private jets varies by model, but the Hawker 1000 has a maximum altitude of 41,000 feet, while the Hawker 900XP has a maximum altitude of 45,000 feet.

4.) How many passengers can the Hawker private jets carry?
Answer: The number of passengers that Hawker private jets can carry varies by model, but the Hawker 1000 can carry up to 9 passengers, while the Hawker 900XP can carry up to 8 passengers.

5.) What is the fuel capacity of the Hawker private jets?
Answer: The fuel capacity of Hawker private jets varies by model, but the Hawker 1000 can hold up to 11,720 pounds of fuel, while the Hawker 900XP can hold up to 6,825 pounds of fuel.

6.) What are the baggage capacities of the Hawker private jets?
Answer: The baggage capacities of Hawker private jets vary by model, but the Hawker 1000 has a baggage capacity of 100 cubic feet, while the Hawker 900XP has a baggage capacity of 50 cubic feet.

7.) What safety features are included in Hawker private jets?
Answer: Hawker private jets are equipped with a variety of safety features, including digital terrain and obstacle awareness systems, enhanced vision systems, and advanced flight management computers.

8.) What are the maintenance requirements for Hawker private jets?
Answer: The maintenance requirements for Hawker private jets vary depending on the model and how frequently it is used, but regular inspections and maintenance are necessary to ensure the safety and efficiency of the aircraft.

9.) How much does it cost to own a Hawker private jet?
Answer: The cost of owning a Hawker private jet varies depending on the model, age, and condition of the aircraft, as well as the expenses associated with operating and maintaining it.

10.) What are some other benefits of owning a Hawker private jet?
Answer: Owning a Hawker private jet provides a variety of benefits, including increased privacy and flexibility when traveling, access to smaller airports and more direct routes, and the ability to customize the interior to meet your specific needs and preferences.


Conclusion :

You’ve reached the end of this article. Now that you know everything there is to know about the Hawker 1000, 900XP, 900 and 850 private jets, it’s time for some final thoughts.

First off: if you’re going to buy one of these planes as your own personal jet or for your company’s use (and we hope that’s the case), then congratulations!

You’re going to have an amazing time flying around in style and comfort with all of your friends and family members by your side. It truly is an amazing experience–one that we’d recommend everyone try at least once in their lives!

Secondly: if you don’t have enough money yet but want something similar-ish?

There are other options out there besides buying a brand new airplane like these ones do cost quite a bit more than most people would expect them too…but luckily there are still some great ways around buying new ones completely such as renting them instead!

Many companies offer both short term rentals where they’ll let someone borrow one for just one flight before returning back home again afterwards or longer term arrangements where multiple people share ownership over several weeks/months at once depending upon how often each person wants access during those times when needed most urgently – either way works great depending upon what type suits best within each individual circumstance so don’t worry too much about trying either option first before deciding which works best overall because chances are good both will turn out fine regardless ­čÖé

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